Friday, March 26, 2010

High Level Tension...arghhhhhh..

Thursday, March 25 2010

my feeling was so bad..this is the first time i'm talking to him after our fight long time ago..i guess that was not a fight but a war..a cold war..his calling me just now..r u ok??how's ur study?did u eat well?u didn't escape ur meal n ur sleep rite?.what a question..and i'm you need to ask all those thing?? like u really care rite?and the last question taht really make me mad was..y u dont use english..u dont speak in english n u dont write in English?daaaaa..everyday i use english..i take all my lesson in english..except for teras sekolah..if u telling me that i'm not talking in english..yes thats rite..u know y?..becuse my english was so bad..really that the answer to ur question my beloved abang??puas ati? im not trying to make our situation more happy now with my life..dont ruin it..i know u read this blog..just wanna say still ur beloved before..heheh..x ikhlas sebenarnya ni..really x ikhlas..about my English..dont worry..i will take a class after my graduation..using ur dad's money..ahahhaa..


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